Columna, the leading IVF medical center in Romania asked Pi2 to develop a PR campaign around the infertility issue. National statistics showed that couples delayed the visit to the infertility expert, a reality that had the potential to affect the success rates of the procedures. Moreover, couples did not speak publicly about their infertility problems, turning this discussion into a taboo for many.


Our healthcare team proposed a multi-level communication campaign to address both emotional and rational factors. We started with an influencer campaign and storytelling videos to generate a strong emotional impact. High-profile personalities talked about their struggles with infertility, the social pressure and the impact of lost pregnancies. The campaign opened the public debate on infertility and showed the importance of not delaying a consultation with an expert.


The emotional video campaign was followed by a rational type of communication with key facts & figures on technologies, experts, success rates as well as info on national and local fertility sponsored programs.




Influencer Endorsement, Marketing Communication, Media Relations, Social Media, Video Engagement

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