Understanding local differences. Creating an impact.

Central and Eastern European spirit and its challenging economy are part of our DNA. A dynamic market, home to almost 460 million people, the region is still a mystery for many businesses. And that is part of its beauty. And the origin of our mission. To help others understand the region better. To navigate between so many different cultures, alphabets, currencies and economies. To connect dots, people and businesses. It takes agility, expertise and a lot of passion. That’s what we do. This is who we are.

RomaniaBulgaria. Hungary. Greece. Ukraine.

Meet our leadership team.

We are Pi2 [Pi:tu]

— an award-winning PR & Marketing agency with extensive experience in a number of communication and marketing areas. With offices and affiliates in a couple of Central and Eastern European countries, we advise businesses and organisations on topics that relate to branding, media relations, social media, influencer endorsement, content & digital marketing, SEO and crisis management.

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Our Work


We are tireless in our search for excellence. And the industry appreciates that.

The feedback we got

„Pi2 was a critical partner when we decided to launch iBanFirst on our Eastern European markets. They taught us, always with a smile, how effective a good interview or PR story can be.”

Johan Gabriels SE Regional Director at iBanFirst

”Pi2 works like a Swiss watch. And for a start up company like Medima, backed by an investment fund, it brought the confidence that work was being done, at the highest standards, at the right time. All these, via a pleasant, friendly and supportive work environment.”

Vlad Ardeleanu Medima Health CEO

„Pi2 is our go-to team. They know our business inside out and know to tell our stories in the most relevant way to our target audience. They support us but also navigate us on our journey while building our brand locally.”

Dean Todorov Country Manager Bulgaria at iBanFirst

“WPK has been working with Pi2 since 2016, first in Romania, and then in Bulgaria. They have constantly impressed us with their professionalism, deep understanding of the market, PR know-how and adaptability to changing conditions. They propose beautiful twists to our projects and over-deliver results.”

wiener privatklinik romania
Ema Hafner International & Marketing Director Wiener Privatklinik, Austria

“Mirela and the team have successfully implemented WU’s communication campaigns in Romania since 2012. They impressed us from the very beginning with their PR experience, attention to details, and willingness to try new ideas. Our collaboration is based on trust, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

adriana wu
Adriana Georgescu Program Manager, WU Executive MBA Bucharest

Our Clients

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