Everyone has a story. What’s yours?


At Pi2 we encourage clients to use storytelling in their communication activities.

Because there is always a story to tell.


We are here to unfold it and surprise your audience in a creative way.

We speak international PR, marketing, social & SEO. Native level!


Our expertise in strategic communications coupled with a strong understanding of how digital media works provides our clients with results oriented PR & Marketing services.

Let us design your communication in the new digital era!


Our Team

Mirela Pitu
Mirela Pitu
Founder & CEO
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Mirela has over 20 years of PR experience with established credentials in market entry consultancy, business and marketing communication. Highly entrepreneurial, Mirela founded Pi2 PR in 2008. She is an EMBA Alumna of WU Executive Academy and has been Board Member of the Romanian Association of PR Professionals.

PR Director
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Sorina began her career in media & journalism, where she combined content writing with project management for editorial projects. After spending a couple of years at one of the most important media outlets in Romania she joined Pi2 with one clear objective: build outstanding client relationships. She coordinates the team on a daily basis to ensure excellent understanding of clients’ business objectives and communication needs.

PR Director
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Gabriela is passionate about branding, communications and marketing. She understands what businesses want and she knows how to deliver to meet their business objectives through strategic communications. After spending years on both sides of our industry she joined Pi2 to raise the profile of our clients in Bulgaria.

Ruxandra L
Content Strategy
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Ruxandra has joined the team from its early years and has been mastering the Content Strategy of our clients ever since. She is our Chief Treasurer for clients’ positioning, messages, keywords and tone of voice depending on the communication channel we use, from press releases to optimised SEO content marketing.

Senior Corporate Communication
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Camelia is in charge of corporate communication so she talks business a lot. She is keen on the classics of B2B communications while also appealing to empathy and human emotions through video storytelling. She is the Chief Master of our ‘Talk Human 2 Me’ approach, our must have in corporate and B2B communication.

Social Media Executive
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Passionate about social media, Dana is the one who keeps us fresh. From hosting an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, to running contests or engaging with influencers, developing bite-sized video clips or creating a meme, Dana is definitely the go-to person for social media and consumer communication.

Ruxandra G
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Ruxi is the one who manages to combine creativity with attention to detail. She never says “I don’t know how to do it”, being eager to learn and develop her skills in marketing tools. With a degree in advertising and online marketing, her Public Relations journey began at Pi2 PR.

Media Trainer
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Mădălina is a journalist and communications specialist with over 12 years of experience in media and television. In recent years she has worked with numerous managers, helping them to communicate effectively with the media and their stakeholders.

Video Engagement
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Video engagement

Graphics & Design
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Graphics & Design

SEO & Web Development
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Cezar is in charge of web development and SEO. Having more than 20 years experience in the field, he adds value and knowhow in the benefit of our clients.