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We take care of reputations. We tell your brand story to generate positive response and engage your audience in your brand experience. We handle media relations and social media so that businesses are properly understood. We communicate business plans to investors and shareholders and consumer products to your clients. We do PR that makes sense.

We mix industry and media sector knowledge with outstanding communications skills, reliability, creativity and professionalism.

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Strategic Consultancy + -

We are EMBA graduates and therefore we always look for the value added that marketing and PR can bring. We work together with the client to identify their business challenges. We analyse all stakeholders involved, map issues of concern and then address all of them in an integrated communication proposal.

Media Relations + -

We know how media works, what editors need and how they process information. We work together with the client to develop key messages and then pitch the stories to the media. We are tireless in searching for new media opportunities and virtually everyone in the agency is engaged in daily relationships with journalists. We are focused on delivering the right information and ensure that journalists understand the business of our clients.

Media Monitoring + -

In today’s rapid information flow, staying ahead requires more than just watching media trends. It’s about using media monitoring to navigate public perception. Our team can provide assistance not only in real-time tracking of news and social media, but also in-depth analysis and competitive benchmarking, ensuring you are always a step ahead of the curve. With our media monitoring service, you’re equipped to traverse the ever-evolving media landscape with confidence, anticipating and shaping your narrative in real time.

Social Media & Influencer Endorsement + -

This is hot for sure. Everyone wants it. But what is it, really? For starters, it’s about Facebook & Instagram engagement, Twitter or LinkedIn connections. It’s about video content on YouTube and TikTok. At Pi2, social media is about inspiring conversation and engagement with your audience.

Digital Marketing + -

We engineer bespoke digital marketing strategies synchronized seamlessly with our clients’ business aspirations. Through data-driven insights and trend analysis, we pinpoint optimal online platforms and avenues to captivate your target demographic. As a result, our clients gain innovative digital marketing solutions that equip them to thrive in today’s competitive online business landscape.

Websites + -

From establishing your digital footprint to creating an online hub that resonates, our expertise in website development is at your service. We approach websites with a designer’s eye: aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and purpose driven. We guide you through the whole process to ensure your website tells your story effectively, capturing visitors’ attention and holding their engagement. Together, we’ll build a digital platform that embodies the art of effective communication, establishing a strong bond between your brand and your online visitors.

Content Marketing & SEO + -

Content marketing used to be about value proposition, creative headlines, call to action messages and ‘how to’ media stories. But now, it is so much more. It fulfils the SEO demands for an optimised online presence that can make or break a business in so many industries.

Event Marketing + -

Imagine the extraordinary. At Pi2, we transform your vision into an immersive experience. We blend logistical precision with creative flair, curating events that resonate with your audience. Just as social media captivates attention, events captivate hearts. With our years of experience in event management, we create moments that provoke emotions, enriching your business relationships and amplifying your corporate message.

Crisis Management + -

Our approach is to avoid crisis. That is why we master a crisis-preventing system that helps our client anticipate and handle the crisis before it occurs. However, when crises escalate, our team provides the needed communication support to address misunderstandings that could impact your company’s reputation.

Public Affairs + -

We create programs to shape public opinion, promote regulatory and legislative initiatives, and manage public issues. We build reputations of both companies and industries looking to create a positive climate for government action. Whether working for an association of real estate companies interested in promoting critical legislation or a US investor entering the Romanian market, our approach is to combine industry and political knowledge with the close relationships established with key opinion leaders and decision makers.

Internal Communication + -

Engaging employees and changing behaviours requires reaching them where, when and how they want to be reached. Whether you want to clarify facts, communicate management changes or simply introduce new projects and programs, an efficient internal communication process is crucial for the wellbeing of the company. Our range of services includes strategy and message development, editorial services for newsletters, communications training, employee events, creation of internal blogging and online communities for employees.

Employer Branding + -

Once, employer branding merely danced on the surface of company image and hiring tactics. Now, it’s a game-changer. It meets the demands of the modern workforce, a dynamic that can reshape entire industries. Our specialized employer branding shapes a distinct company identity that serves as the foundation for your success in attracting and retaining top talent.

Media and Video Training + -

Whether you’re about to give a press interview or preparing for an important speech, we can help. We approach communication from a journalist’s perspective: coherent, concise, clear and impactful. We’ll help you overcome the fear of public speaking, while becoming relaxed and delivering your message with confidence.


To those who trusted us to tell their stories. Thank you for being part of ours. ❤️ 

Our relationship with clients

It’s about the work that we love. And the love that we work. 

„Pi2 was a critical partner when we decided to launch iBanFirst on our Eastern European markets. They taught us, always with a smile, how effective a good interview or PR story can be.”

Johan Gabriels SE Regional Director at iBanFirst

”Pi2 works like a Swiss watch. And for a start up company like Medima, backed by an investment fund, it brought the confidence that work was being done, at the highest standards, at the right time. All these, via a pleasant, friendly and supportive work environment.”

Vlad Ardeleanu Medima Health CEO

„Pi2 is our go-to team. They know our business inside out and know to tell our stories in the most relevant way to our target audience. They support us but also navigate us on our journey while building our brand locally.”

Dean Todorov Country Manager Bulgaria at iBanFirst

“WPK has been working with Pi2 since 2016, first in Romania, and then in Bulgaria. They have constantly impressed us with their professionalism, deep understanding of the market, PR know-how and adaptability to changing conditions. They propose beautiful twists to our projects and over-deliver results.”

wiener privatklinik romania
Ema Hafner International & Marketing Director Wiener Privatklinik, Austria

“Mirela and the team have successfully implemented WU’s communication campaigns in Romania since 2012. They impressed us from the very beginning with their PR experience, attention to details, and willingness to try new ideas. Our collaboration is based on trust, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

adriana wu
Adriana Georgescu Program Manager, WU Executive MBA Bucharest

“I have been impressed not only by their know-how and PR solutions but also by their working approach. They became part of team throughout our work together. We appreciated their efforts, especially that our business was something new for them.”

Lăcrămioara Diaconu Owner Noeme

"The Pi2 crew feels like an extension of our team in Bulgaria. They have supported our communication efforts since the beginning of our market launch and have helped us move mountains ever since. They are driven, knowledgeable, and always go the extra mile - a spirit we highly value."

Bianca Iulia Simion Marketing Lead at SeedBlink